Property Management


REO Management:


We are the eyes and ears of our clients, looking out for their best interests. We help lenders maximize recovery of troubled real-estate assets. According to the chief credit officer, his local bank recovered an average of 87¢ on the dollar on several REOs we completed, enhanced and sold versus 52¢ on REOs they had previously sold as-is.


New Home Completion and Remodeling:

Consumers often buy with their left brains (emotions), and justify their purchases with their right brains (logic). We give REOs what they lack*, and make them look very good, giving people compelling reasons to buy with both sides of their brain.  Most of the REOs we've dealt with have sold in very short order, even during the recent economic downturn.

* Finished basements, decks, patios, paint, crown molding, etc.


Reducing Costs for our Clients:

We recently recommended two highly-regarded, very savvy brokers to position, list and sell a few single-family REOs. Both brokers charged less than the bank had been paying.  Both brokers recommended, and got close to, higher list-sell prices than the bank was expecting.

We recently saved a bank nearly $11,000 in real estate taxes for the current year by filing for the correct tax status on one property.

We had required architectural drawings completed for $500 rather than paying $3,300 as quoted by the original architect for the project.


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